A universal attribute of a beach holiday, which is now less popular than the previous options, but still remains relevant. There are many ways to wear a pareo, so you can easily change your image even on a daily basis. Another plus of pareo is that it does not take up much space in the suitcase


Usually a free-cut product in which you will be as comfortable as possible on the beach. It can be worn over the head, like a dress, or have the shape of a cape, be with or without sleeves, have different lengths and colors. Just choose what you like best and goes best with your swimwear

Beach trousers, shorts, skirts, tops and tank tops

Maybe it also does not occur so often, but it is also a very good option for beach looks. This option is especially good because it allows you to combine. Today, wear a top with shorts or a T-shirt with pants, and tomorrow, on the contrary. In addition, you can only wear 1 element on the beach – for example, if you want to hide a small tummy and emphasize the slimness of the legs, then you can just throw on a T-shirt, and if you feel uncomfortable because of the fullness of your legs, and you don’t want to hide your beautiful breasts at all, then loose trousers will allow you to solve this issue and at the same time look very stylish and feel comfortable

Maxi Skirt

 Not every woman likes dresses. If they are not your option, then you can dress differently: for example, you can stop at a skirt. Skirts with slits on the sides are very comfortable and practical. They do not interfere with the tan and look spectacular, besides, they never go out of fashion and go to all women.


Going to the beach, you can dress in such a skirt, combining it with some kind of top or with a wide chiffon blouse of the appropriate color.


A variety of accessories perfectly complement such a costume — bracelets, colorful bright beads made of small pearls, baubles, woven from beads or threads. They will make your image for the beach festive and original